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Founded in 2004, EMAR Online Technology is a leading company engaged in online advertising and marketing based on big data technology. EMAR provides services to large B2C online retailers, Alibaba TMall retailers, and Internet financial service providers through three online platforms, the EGOU Online Shopping Guide Portal, the YIQIFA Online Affiliate Marketing Network, and EMARBOX DSP/DMP. EMAR Online is a result driven marketing service provider that charges service fee based either on sales volume realized or the clicks channeled to the customer websites or mobile apps.

EMAR Online operates its business in two service lines:
  1) The online retailer sales promotion services (E-commerce Business Group, or EBG). EBG offers services to its customers through two platforms. The EGOU Online Shopping guide portal, in the forms of www.egou.com as well as the EGOU App, promotes sales for Alibaba TMall retailers by showcasing their articles to hundreds of millions of consumers in China and the Globe. Whereas the YIQIFA Online Affiliate Marketing Network is a market maker which enables advertisers, mainly major B2C online retailers to reach out to over 600 thousands of websites for advertising placement.
  2) DSP based precision marketing services (Marketing Business Group, or MBG). EMAR Online’s DSP business, the EMARBOX DSP/DMP of MBG relies heavily on its private DMP, which derives and enriches online shopping date from the above mentioned EGOU online shopping guide and YQIFA online affiliate marketing network platforms. Servicing online retailers and online finance companies such as P2P Financial service providers, EMARBOX DSP has developed a comprehensive system including the RTB, Intelligent Artificial Intelligence Analysis, Dynamic Creative System to meet the needs of advertisers in terms of real time traffic acquisition, management, and advertising placement based on precision targeting. The EMARBOX DMP is the linchpin in the whole DSP methodology and system, over the years, it has accumulated massive data tagging online shoppers, which forms a robust foundation to the EMARBOX DSP business. The EMARBOX DSP also applies result driven principle servicing its clients.

Over the years, most of the largest B2C online retailers, such as JD.com, VIP.com, etc. are clients of EMAR Online. In 2014, EMAR Online brought RMB29.3 billion of settled sales (GMV) to online retailers. In terms of the GMV produced for online retailers, EMAR Online is China’s largest third party platform in the online marketing business focusing on online shopping promotion.

EMAR Online is listed in China’s National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ). In addition to developing its business in China, EMAR Online is pursuing strategic initiatives domestically and internationally to enhance its service offerings in online advertising and marketing, focusing on online retailing both at home and abroad as well as other related ad tech business.

International Strategic Development Opportunities
Since the online retail marketing service does not have a national boundary, EMAR Online Technology is exploring opportunities partnering with overseas players to expand our online retail marketing services. Interested parties are welcome to contact us. We are interested in investing in the following assets (or we could partner together to develop China and international market:
  1. Online media, mobile apps, or marketing networks covering sizable audience out of China
  2. State-of-art big data technologies, digital marketing technologies that could be deployed in China to servicing a large and growing market

Contact Us for Investment and Strategic Initiative Opportunities:
Email: chengwen@emar.com